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Call a vCAC Workflow Stub During Provisioning

Video Coming Soon! Once you have edited your vCAC workflow to do something cool and useful in the vCAC designer, you need to tell your blueprint to run that workflow. When you chose the workflow stub that you did, you determined when in the VM life cycle the stub will be run. In the example below, we'll be focusing on the "Machine Provisioned" workflow stub which is called after the machine is provisioned. You can read more about this in the previous article: Calling Powershell/PowerCLI Scripts from a vCAC Workflow
1. Within the vCAC website, navigate to your blueprints
2. edit the blueprint that you would like to run this stub
Call Stub
3. Go to the properties tab  
4. Create a new property called ExternalWFStubs.MachineProvisioned Call Stub
5. Press the green save button
6. Press the "OK" button

If you would like to call other stubs, you need to call them by their names, just like we did for the MachineProvisioned one here. To get the complete list of stubs is available through the VMware documentation and will be written about on this site shortly.