Step 1: Setting Administrators

Now that vCAC is installed, it's time to set up who has access to be an administrator to the system. 

Log into the vCloud Automation Center Admin portal by going to http://serverfqdn/dcac, where “serverfqdn” is the FQDN of your vCAC server.

vCAC Admin Portal
 At first login, only the “Reports” and “vCAC Administrator” menus are visible. Additional menu items will appear after a several initial system configuration settings.  Administrator Options

Add Administrators

vCAC Administrators are role that gives designated users the ability to create and manage Enterprise Groups and assign cloud resources to those groups. Who is added to the group is up to you. I typically add Domain Admins in a small POC environment.

To configure vCAC Admins:
1. Select “Administrators” from the menu
2. Click on “vCAC Administrator” and select “Edit” from the sub menu

 vCAC Administrators Configuration

3. Select “Administrators” from the menu
4. Click on “vCAC Administrator” and select “Edit” from the sub menu
5. Type the Domain group(s) or user(s) you want to add, hitting “enter” after each entry
6. Click OK when finished

 vCAC List of Administrators