Step 5: Create Enterprise Groups & Assign Managed Resources

Create an Enterprise Group

Enterprise Groups are created and mapped to a set of compute and cloud resources. Enterprise Administrators (a set of domain users or groups) are then assigned to manage those resources.

1. From the “Enterprise Groups” section, select “New Enterprise Group“ from the menu
2. Provide a Name and Description for the group
3. Add Domain Users and/or Security Groups
4. Select a set of resources that will be managed by this group (here you see available vSphere Clusters in the “Compute resources” list).
5. Click OK 

Create Enterprise Group

Configure Enterprise Group 

Follow the previous steps to define additional Enterprise Groups. The number of groups will depend on the granularity of resource controls desired. Once a user or group is designated as an enterprise administrator and assigned to an Enterprise Group, a new menu item “Enterprise Administrator” will appear in the list. This is where the configuration and consumption of cloud resources will be done. The next several sections will focus on Enterprise Administrator tasks.  Review Enterprise Groups

Editing an Enterprise Group

Once you define additional resources, you can return to this screen to edit and add those resources to an existing group. Here we edit an existing Enterprise Group to add additional vCloud Org resources.

 Enterprise Group Details