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VMware vCAC 5.1 Installation

Video by Zack Kielich

This tutorial will walk you through the installation of vCAC 5.1. By this stage, you should have already read and completed:

vCAC 5.1 Installation Prerequisites

Run the vCloud Automation Center Setup Wizard

1. Log in to the vCAC Server (RDP,VMRC, etc) with the vCAC service domain account (make sure that account has local admin privileges on the server)
2. Right-click the installer (DCAC-Manager-Setup.exe) and select “Run as Administrator…”
3. Click Next 

Run the Installer

License File

4. Browse and select a valid license file to continue
5. Click Next to continue

Choose the License Key

Component Selection

Since we’ll be installing all components on a single server, all services will be selected, Refer to the vCAC Installation Guide for details on each of these components.

6. Ensure all components are selected
7. Click Next

Select Components to be Installed

Select Web Site

This is the [local] IIS web site that will host the vCAC web application. “Default Web Site” is automatically created during IIS install.

8. From the drop-down, select “Default Web Site”
9. Select HTTP binding protocol
10. Click Next to continue

Select Website

vCAC database connection

This guide uses a separate SQL Server 2008 database “ezlab-sql01”. You can also use a locally-installed SQL Express instance instead. For SQL server, the script automatically builds the DB and tables – no need to predefine DB parameters.

11. Select “Use Windows Authentication”
12. Enter DB server FQDN
13. Click Next

Create a Connection to the Database

vCAC database configuration

14. Enter the DB name to create (remember this isn’t predefined…the script will build the DB with all appropriate settings).
15. Click Next to continue

Configure the vCAC Database

AzMan authorization

The Windows Authorization Manager is used for user authentication and communications with Active Directory.

16. Leave the setting as “File based XML store” to create an AzMan store in your SQL database.
17. Check “Create AzMan authorization store”
18. Click Next

Choose AzMan store location

Configure SMTP Settings

19. Enter the vCAC Website FQDN – this this case, the local server
20. Enter SMTP server details
21. Click Next to continue

Configure SMTP Settings

Configure vCAC service

22. Enter the username and password for the service account that will be used to start the vCAC Manager service.
23. Click Next

NOTE: it may help to be logged in to the Windows server using the service account. For this POC

Configure the vCAC Service

Configure vCAC Model Manager Web services

24. Enter the username and password for the service account that will be used to start the vCAC Model Manager web service
25. Click Next to continue

Configure the vCAC Model Manager

Configure the vCAC web portal

26. Enter the username and password for the service account used for the Model Manager Web Service
27. Click Next

Configure the vCAC Web Portal

Ready to install

28. Click Install to continue

Ready to Install

Installation Progress

(installation can take up to 5 minutes to complete)

Installation in Progress

Installation Complete

29. Click Finish to end the installation wizard

Installation Complete
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