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Provisioning System Requirements for v5.1 (vSphere & vCD)

For vSphere Provisioning

• Fully configure vCenter + vSphere environment per best practices first
• At least 1 vSphere HA+DRS Cluster
• At least 1 Datastore
• Disable Storage DRS – the use of sDRS Datastore clusters is not currently supported (see vCAC 5.1 support matrix, p.4)
• At least 1 Virtual Switch (standard or dvs acceptable)
• vMotion properly configured
• Defined Resource Pool for vCAC machine placement (no reservations or limits)
• Roles & Permissions appropriately set (in vSphere 5.1, use LDAP vs. SSO)
• Ensure at least 1 template is available 

For vCloud Provisioning

• Fully configure vCloud + vSphere integration
• Configure system LDAP integration (no SSO)
• Define at least 1 Provider vDC
• Define at least 1 Organization
• Configure Org LDAP integration
• Configure user roles (NOTE: users who will be using vCAC Self-Service Portal to provision vApps need to be defined users in vCloud).
• Define at least 1 Org vDC using Allocation pool
• Define at least 1 Org Network (Direct or NAT/ Routed)
• Ensure at least 1 or 2 cloud templates are available for deployment